How To Arrange Indoor Plants And Pots Like a Pro: Practical Tips From Expert Designers

Contemporary Living Room with Furniture Interior Design
Contemporary Living Room with Furniture Interior Design @ 3D INTERIOR / Canva Pro

Choosing great flower pots or planters for an area you’re designing can really bring the place together – give it a coherent look and feel while also bringing visual interest, surprise and excitement.

Knowing how to arrange plants is important for a number of professionals and applications including:

  • Garden and patio landscaping
  • 室內風景
  • Landscaping in offices and commerical spaces


There are certainuniversal principles of interior landscaping and designyou should take into account when considering containers for your decor. To make the task easier for you, we’ve asked professional designers some ofthe most important questions in the planter business- 所以隻是閱讀這些獨特的提示,了解如何像專業人士那樣安排盆栽植物!

What are the most essential rules to follow when adding planters and plants to any area?

Harmony and unity

Regardless of the style of planter arrangement you intend to develop for a given area, a good starting point is to使用和諧和團結的原則為了實現平衡的設計方案。通過重複,鄰近和對準,任何園林,內層錐,裝飾者或業餘愛好者都可以創造對稱或不對稱的設計,概念上和視覺上的和諧。換句話說,統一和和諧的設計原則是開發均衡,完全看的鑰匙,即簡單意義。

Of course, there’s much more to design with planters than two things only, but let’s give it over to our expert designers. For starters, an all-too-obvious but crucial reminder here – potted plants and their needs!

最本質上栽種的植物應該有限公司mplement the overall feel of the space and allow for humans to enjoy the greenery. All design rules can be broken but planters should ideally be situated within the space that allows for the chosen plants to survive.

Janelle Meyer,Texas Tropical Plants
how to arrange plant pots
Modern living room @ victorzastolskiy / Canva Pro


Daniel Gerdes,Christy Webber Landscapes
Modern bright flat interior design with yellow accents
Modern bright flat interior design with yellow accents @ virtua73 / Getty Images Pro

For me, scale and style are the most important things. Planters can be so impactful when done well. We want something large enough to make an impact, but not over crowd the area. And, of course, the style needs to complement the space itself.

克萊爾戈德曼,R&R Landscaping
White simple living room
White simple living room @ Canva Pro

I think looking at the overall design, feel and flow of a space is very important when adding planters. I often tell clients to consider them like furniture pieces because some can be pretty expensive and you want to make sure it all flows properly. You want to make sure your planters look proportional to other objects in your space like furniture or artwork. They should be complementary and not trying to compete.

詹妮弗B. Perez,生長根部
客廳閃耀著紅牆和室內工廠@ Canva Pro

For even more insight on the basic rules of arranging your container plants, make sure you also get to knowthe 8 key factors to consider when choosing a fiberglass planter!

How do you work with lines and shapes when decorating with containers?

Lines and feelings


Balance through resemblance

平衡容器花園或一組盆的空間的簡單方法是包括特定的容器形狀,這些容器形狀類似於該區域中的其他美學元素 - 易於混合而不是添加對比度。例如,矩形或方形玻璃纖維種植者可以更好地補充一個盒形麵積,而圓形容器對由彎曲的建築細節主導的區域提供優異的添加。

Visual illusions

The visual illusion you want to achieve is another factor you should consider when selecting your containers.Wider-than-tall planters, for example, canaccentuate the horizontal linesin an area, evoking feelings of stability and grounding. Containers that highlight the horizontality of a room can also be used bring one or more focal points to the eye level. Conversely, the tall planters that emphasize the verticality of an area are more suitable for creating the illusion of height in small spaces.

Organic flow

In an organically shaped room, planters with curved silhouettes can enhance the natural, playful, and soothing characterof the area. Round fiberglass planters are great options to create a good flow, which, for instance, could help you complete your brand identity and highlight the products and/or services you provide.

Sense of freedom

降到對角線,錐形種植者可用於建議對角線圖案。雖然這些植物容器沒有任何對角線,但它們的小​​基礎掃過更廣泛的開口,卻產生了對角線布置的幻覺。由於錐形植物容器將眼睛向上引導,他們可以convey a sense of freedom, energy, and movement to your landscaping project, while making it look bigger than it is.

I like the unexpected, so I’m always looking for it. I prefer balance over symmetry and often design with that in mind.

克萊爾戈德曼,R&R Landscaping
Modern Rustic Interior Design of Living Room
現代鄉村風格室內設計客房@ NUKTD照片/ Canva Pro


Daica Skrobala,Polycarp Flowers
Living room with dark wallpaper and indoor plants
Living room with dark wallpaper and indoor plants @ victorzastolskiy / Canva Pro

How do you combine planter shapes and colors for best results?

除了它們的形狀和線條之外,所有容器都有另一個定義它們的特征 - 顏色。以下是來自專業設計人員的一些想法如何確保容器形狀和顏色共同努力,以獲得最令人印象深刻的,引人注目的結果。

The planter color should complement the existing finishes, artwork and furnishings. Sometimes using the metal hardware (doorknobs / signage) or the baseboards can help prompt the container finish if blending in is desired. A pop of color can be used in either a complementary or contrasting tone to an existing logo, artwork or furnishing. White is brilliant for almost any modern planters. Mixing planter shapes with various tonal hues is a fun way to do a grouping.

Janelle Meyer,Texas Tropical Plants
Yellow living room interior design
Yellow living room interior design @ tomap49 / Getty Images Pro

I like to decide on one shape, one vision for the space, then mix the planter sizes of that shape for variety. Colors should be chosen according to what you want to draw attention to. If you want to highlight the plant itself, the planter should be understated. If you want the planter to stand out, a bold color should take the lead. If you want to highlight your company or brand, tie the planter colors to your company logo or theme.

Daniel Gerdes,Christy Webber Landscapes
Conceptual interior design
Conceptual interior design @ victorzastolskiy / Canva Pro

Context is very important in size and color selection. Containers need to be large enough so that they complement the scale of the space. Planters that are too small can easily look cluttered and out of place, particularly in outdoor environments. Colors that are more in keeping with the colors of a hardscape allow for more variety and drama in plant colors. Dramatic pops of color in planters can work well in shady spots where few colorful outdoor plants will grow or in broad expanses of hardscape, such as pool areas, that need a playful or festive accent. One of my favorites in those areas is the orange. It really highlights a lot of the softer greens in the plant material and draws attention to an area.

Amy Vandoren,一個園林綠化專家
how to arrange plant pots
Yellow indoor fiberglass planters at the office @ Jay Scotts

I personally love to use neutral colors and combine tall planters with shorter ones to create dimension and add some creativity, vs just using one pot by itself.

Adriana Salinas,Newcomb Landscaping Service
Colorful interior of  home office
家庭辦公室五顏六色的內部@ Jzhuk / Getty Images Pro

I mostly use matte black for a bolder look as it will go with everything around the house.

Puay Soh,獨立承包商
Modern living with yellow armchairs
Modern living with yellow armchairs @ alexroz / Canva Pro

How do color and light interact with each other in designs?

When choosing fiberglass planters, it’s also important to consider the color and intensity of light along with the hues that are already present in the space. Whether you prefer your containers to be similar or contrast one another,the light intensity and color will affect the overall paletteas well as the atmosphere you want to create.

Bold accent elements

If you intend to use several planters as accent elements in a place with subtle lighting and a monochromatic brown or gray color scheme, choosing a bold color for your containers, such as gloss saffron, gloss tangerine, satin green, or satin sea foam, can help you create a vivid ambiance.

強調一個驚人的花卉中心against a tone-on-tone background, a great idea would be to match the background color with the secondary elements and choose a bright or metallic shade for the container you’re planning to use as the centerpiece.

Consider the amount of sunlight so you may choose the correct location and plant for the space. What purpose the planters will have – will they accent, soften, liven up the space? How will your potted plants get water – self watering pot or hand watering?

Adriana Salinas,Newcomb Landscaping Service
Modern Home Interior Design
Modern Home Interior Design @ victorzastolskiy ? Canva Pro

When adding planters to a space I take account of the environment where they will be placed. Is there a lot of natural light, is it a high traffic area, is it indoors, outdoors?

krupa,實驗室 - 創意設計工作室
Elegant living room with indoor plants
典雅的客廳與室內植物@ HENCEX / PIXABAY

仍然不確定如何用種植者將顏色添加到設計中?查看我們的綜合指南choosing the right colors for your fiberglass planters!

How do textures come into play here and what do they change?

請記住,方案中的每個元素都有紋理。無論是光滑還是粗糙,紋理可以使玻璃纖維種植者在相同的光線下看起來不同. For instance, a matte bronze planter may seem to have a rougher surface and a darker shade when placed next to a container in the same color, but with a glossier or metallic finish.

You can have fun mixing colors, shapes and textures as long as they complement the overall look and feel you are trying to achieve. We love to create groupings with different sizes and complementary colors. We also like to work in odd numbers when grouping potted plants in one space.

詹妮弗B. Perez,生長根部
家office full of indoor plants
家office full of indoor plants @ Canva Pro

I try to avoid trends and instead use the same principle I use in design taking into consideration form, function, scale, and texture.

krupa,實驗室 - 創意設計工作室
Interior Room Design with Houseplants
Interior room design with houseplants @ pixelshot / Canva Pro

不用說,不同的種植者帶來了不同的紋理。更多關於流行的播種機材料,如兵馬俑,導航到我們的in-depth comparison of fiberglass and 6 other planter materials!

And if you already own a fiberglass planter and want to learn how to look after it properly, take a look atthe dos and don’ts of fiberglass planter maintenance.

How does the shape of our chosen plant affect the choice of the planter itself?


Plant and planter pairing can be an art form. It’s important to consider the overall look you want to achieve, especially from a distance. Do you want a large mass, or something that has more light moving through it? A planter should anchor the plant. The plant should balance out the planter and highlight its form.

Janelle Meyer,Texas Tropical Plants
內部相框和室內植物@ navamin Studio / Canva Pro

The planter should complement and enforce the structure of the plant. Tall spiky plants get added emphasis by being planted in a tall columnar planter.

Daniel Gerdes,Christy Webber Landscapes
Plants on shelf design wall minimal design
Plants on shelf design wall minimal design @ Navamin studio / Canva Pro

The plant and planter work together to create the full impact. Sometimes the plant I want dictates the planter shape, but more often the planter I want dictates the plant I choose.

克萊爾戈德曼,R&R Landscaping
White living room with white sofa and indoor plants
White living room with white sofa and indoor plants @ Navamin studio / Canva Pro


Adriana Salinas,Newcomb Landscaping Service

The plant and planter should be an extension of one design.

Daica Skrobala,Polycarp Flowers
Green plants in elegant modern bathroom
Green plants in elegant modern bathroom @ belchonock / Getty Images

You always want the plant to look proportional to the container chosen. You don’t want a huge plant with a tiny base or vice versa, a small plant in a huge container where it looks like it is drowning.

詹妮弗B. Perez,生長根部
Sunlight through the living room
陽光穿過客廳@ canva pro

The plant’s current and future growth should be considered. You want to give enough room for roots to grow and spread so at the plant itself can grow.

krupa,實驗室 - 創意設計工作室
Classical interior with plant
Classical interior with plant @ peshkov / Getty Images

Try it out!

We hope this is more than enough tips and ideas on arranging your potted plants or flowers to get you well underway. And if you’re now looking for some top-quality pots to add to your upcoming project, why don’t you take a look at our extensive收藏的現代fiberglass planters?

With sixteen different finishes and a variety of beautiful shapes and sizes at your disposal, you can completely overhaul any area in no time. Get a few fiberglass planters and put the above advice to great use!



Download our Planter Arrangement Cheat Sheets for FREE and let professional designers guide you as you add planters to any indoor or outdoor area!

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