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Our company began in early 2004 with a group of friends offering high-quality luxury products including permanent botanicals, decorative plant planters and other accessories in a small chain of boutique shops in South Florida. As the business grew, our focus shifted from the residential market to hospitality and commercial projects resulting in larger projects nationwide and internationally.

In 2010, we embarked on the mission to rebrand to support our wholesale operations with an emphasis on meeting the needs of a diverse group of professionals serving both residential and commercial customers for indoor and outdoor projects. As a result, the Jay Scotts Company was born!

Jay Scotts has become a leading wholesale manufacturer/supplier of fiberglass commercial and residential planters. Made by skilled craftsmen and women using the highest quality materials in a state-of-the-art facility, Jay Scotts Collection has won recognition for quality and service.

Designed in-house and manufactured exclusively by us, our wholesale fiberglass planter collection is the most extensive indoor/outdoor high-quality fiberglass planter line available in the market today featuring a high-grade automotive paint finish which offers UV protection making them the perfect planter in any climate.

The quality of Jay Scotts planters, the professionalism of our services and the value that our customers have come to expect are the hallmarks of our award-winning formula for success. Our fiberglass planters are not only beautiful and unique; they are also functional, durable and lasting because they are constructed of the best fiberglass materials available, manufactured by our remarkably skilled craftsman, made to last and to maintain their beauty for years to come.

With cutting edge styles, designs, shapes and finishes, let Jay Scotts help you to turn your next planter project from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY.

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